Top 5 Android Apps to Make Your Life Easier

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As the demand for android apps is gradually increasing day by day, more and more android apps are launched in the Google market. They do bring android device users a lot of convenience and make life easier and more interesting. Here I would like to talk about some useful software that I have tried. I Read More

Technology Unparalleled – Portable I Phone Charger With Speaker and LED

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Fast Mac has come up with yet another universal product 'iV' , an extended battery pack and portable charger along with speaker especially for Apple's iphone. Claiming to have triple battery life and a built in flash and blue tooth headset charger, this handy charger also has a built in speaker along with volume control. Read More

Why Clear Adhesive Covers Are the 2.0 Technology of Phone Protection

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There's no doubt that today's 2.0 cell phones are an order of magnitude more powerful than models from just a year ago. What with 3G, Wi-Fi access, built-in MP # players, and more, the cell phone is rapidly replacing multiple electronic gadgets by rolling them into one. And it's for that reason that protecting your Read More

Why Plastic Touch Screen Protectors Are Today's Hottest Trend

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People today can not leave home without their electronic gadgets. Cell phones, MP3 players, laptops – you name it, they take it. And just as popular as all these gadgets are all the accessories that have been designed specifically for those gadgets. From decorative phone charms to eye-catching decals to cell phone screen protectors, an Read More

How to Replace Your iPhone Battery With No Problem

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Iphone enthusiasts are very concerned about how to replace their iphone batteries. This has become a great unease because unlike any other cell phone, the iPhone's battery is apparently soldered inside, onto the device and can not be swapped out by the owner. It is not intended to be user-replaceable. Consumer advocacy groups have expressed Read More

Learn How to Make Money With iPhone Applications

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"How to make money with iPhone applications?" has now become a major search in the internet today. The popular of this amazing technology has taken the world by storm and now its popular has reached more than 45 million of consumer at the end of 2009. When iPhone was first introduced, it hit the headlines Read More

Millennials Are Mobile – Is Your Church?

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In the era of mobile technology, most churches are now realizing the importance of mobile and online giving to collect funds. How can ministries use technology to get Americans to give more? Why should your church consider having the church app? It helps nonprofits to keep and reach millennials to support their cause. Younger generations Read More

The Mythical iPhone 5: Rumors and More

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It's that time of year. Maybe it's the first hint of warm weather or the abundance of pollen circulating the air. Whatever it is, it has caused the tech world to begin swirling with chatter. The iPhone 5 is coming. And the speculation is never ending. The only thing that's certain is that nothing will Read More

Cell Phone Skins Are In

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It's that time again, and heading back to school means you'll want a new look and to be up on the latest trends. The first day can be a bit unnerving for some, but it does not have to be, if you have your own cell phone skins you're going to fit in fine. Cell Read More

4 Types Of Phone Cases

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Phone cases protect your phone from getting damaged. Do you have a hone and would like to protect it? Here are some of the best cases that you should go for: Pouches and Sleeves These cases completely encase your phone in order to protect it from scratches. In addition to this they also provide you Read More